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  • How To Remove Skin Tags Yourself

    What Surgeons Don’t Want You To Know Before you take the time to learn how to remove skin tags yourself, let’s just make sure we know what the heck they are and think about why we might want to get rid of them. They’re just small growths of tissue that protrude from your body’s surface. […]

    Green Stool In Adults

    Understanding Green Stool in Adults It may not be a conversation that you feel comfortable bringing up around the water cooler at work but you should know that it is a lot more common than you think. In fact, since there are so many causes, many of which are quite simplistic in nature, nearly everyone […]

    How to Find Vegan and Vegetarian Food on the Road

    For the average wanderer, traveling to a new part of the world offers the exciting (and sometimes traumatizing) opportunity to try new regional dishes. While travel can provide many tasty experiences, finding foods for specialized diets on the road can be a daunting challenge. Fortunately for vegetarian and vegan travelers, there are numerous resources available […]

    How to Decorate a Cake with Real Flowers

    Fresh flowers on a lovely frosted cake make a romantic and elegant statement. Currently a popular way to decorate a wedding cake, many home bakers are also using flowers to make their everyday cakes extra attractive. Most likely no one is going to want to eat large amounts of flowers, still, make sure all the […]

    How to Drink Absinthe where to Buy Absinthe where can you Drink Absinthe Absinthe Bars Absinthe

    I had the pleasure of having authentic absinthe for the first time recently at Bar Marsella; one of the oldest bars in Barcelona, Spain. The bar claims to have been a favorite watering hole for artists such as Dali, Picasso, and Heminway. This bar is known for it’s absinthe and it’s serving methods are considered […]

    How to Cook Chickpeas

    I love chickpeas, despite their sad reputation – my parents used to think of them as ‘war food’, like Jerusalem artichokes, broad beans and others, which in fact should have been celebrated for being easy to grow, nutritious and tasty. My father, now in his 90s, still recalls ‘breaking his teeth’ on these ‘horrible little […]

    Proper Silverware Challenge

    Everyone worries about exceeding his or her knowledge of silverware. Cruise ship dining rooms frequently provide a silverware teaching moment. Since we have the eyes and the ability to observe we can handle the educational moment that surface at dinners. Assessing the Situation When we sit down at a table and see silverware that we […]

    Healthy Foods don’t have to Cost more

    I live on a very tight budget, and I think eating good food (not just tasty, but truly nourishing) is one of the most important things I can do for myself and my family. So how do I make it work? Truthfully, it is not that difficult. While grocery items such as organic produce and […]

    How to Improve the Flavor of Tofu

    Tofu can be a delicious food and a great source of protein.  It is also a great replacement for meat for those who are vegetarians.  Plain tofu can have somewhat of a bland flavor, however, but there are many different ways that you can improve the flavor.  Consider the following strategies. Spice it up A […]

    Mexican Tequilas

    Mexican Tequilas Tequila is one of the most known beverages in the world; Casa Cuervo and Sauza have made this possible exporting ten of thousands of bottles every year. Many have been knocked out cold or even got lucky with this elixir. But there is much more to drinking tequila. This sweet nectar is not […]