Endometriosis Symptoms and signs
  • Endometriosis Symptoms and signs

    Endometriosis is and extremely painful medical condition that affects over 5 million women every single year. Unfortunately, there are no known causes and only theories as to what causes this painful condition. In fact, many researchers theorize that it is caused from environmental toxins or genetic disorders. Be that as it may, endometriosis is painful and if you suspect that you have it, there are some common Endometriosis Symptoms that you should be aware about. They are as follows:

    Pain or discomfort right before and immediately after monthly periods.

    Menstrual cramps that become more severe and almost unbearable.

    Sexual related Endometriosis symptoms, Some women have reported painful intercourse and painful orgasms.

    Painful bowel movements and diarrhea followed by bouts of constipation.

    The inability to get pregnant. Some women with endometriosis find that it is very difficult to conceive when they have this condition.

    Bladder pain and lower back pain. Sometimes this pain has been reported as mild but most women end up having severe pain associated with their endometriosis.

    Endometriosis is a serious and painful condition that threatens a women’s fertility and reproductive overall health. Around 40% of all Endometriosis Symptoms occur in young teen girls before the age of 15 and has been reported to occur in girls as young as 11 or 12. If you have a teenage girl you need to educate yourself on Endometriosis Symptoms and signs and be able to identify any problems as soon as possible.

    That said, teen girls and adult women should visit a gynecological once a year after they start their period and they should get a pap smear every 2 years (assuming that no abnormalities are found, if abnormalities are found they should get check ups every year). To learn more about Endometriosis diet, visit www.healthguidehq.com/endometriosis-diet.html.