• Indigestion

    Definition :

    Indigestion is a group of symptoms that comprise belching, flatulence, loss of appetite, irregular bowel habits and, in some cases, diarrhea and vomiting.

    Causes :

    Improper dietary habits like heavy consumption of either stale, spicy or pungent food Intake of unhygienic food.
    In Ayurveda, incompatible food is described as certain food items when taken together, cause a toxic effect on the body, giving rise to various symptoms of digestive upset such as vomiting, diarrhea, etc.
    Any protozoal and bacterial infection such as worm infestation. Frequent use of laxatives and purgatives that can create sluggishness of the bowels.


    Pain in abdomen associated with nausea, and occasional vomiting.
    Excessive thirst and perspiration. Burning sensation in stomach and belching, along with gaseous distension of abdomen.
    Irregular bowel movements, ranging from frequent constipation to diarrhea. A feeling of lethargy and heaviness in the body.

    Do’s & Don’t :

    Foods that contain bland boiled lentils and rice (khichari) with yogurt. Light and easy-to-digest foods like soups of green grams, vegetables or lentils.
    Buttermilk, with a pinch of salt and powdered black pepper and cumin seeds (excellent digestive).
    Avoid spicy, oily, pungent and fried foods.
    Skip meat-based recipes, which are difficult to digest, during an acute attack of indigestion.

    Suggestions :

    Cumin seeds mixed powdered rock salt, in a 1-gm dosage, thrice, daily.
    A decoction of long pepper and ginger, in a 30-ml dosage, twice, daily. Powdered ginger, long pepper, black pepper, cumin seeds and salt, in (effective appetizer and digestive) in 1-gm dosage, thrice, daily.

    Herbs Can Be Used :

    Bitter barberries (Barberis spp) and bayberries (Myrica) that help to separate endotoxins from tissues and pungent burdock (Arctium lappa) and entian (Gentianna sap), which burn up endotoxins.
    Eat 1 tablespoon of either Löwenzahn roots (bitter, cooling and pungent) or aloe gel, twice, daily. Eat 1 tablespoon of herbs like cayenne, juniper berries, oregano (Mahonia repens) and thyme, twice, daily, for a period of 15 days.