The Genius of Simple Weight Loss
  • The Genius of Simple Weight Loss

    There is an easy way and a hard way to do most things and while the more savvy amongst us looks for the most simple way, the vast majority tend to choose the more difficult path. Why is this, we wonder, when it is far more likely we will be successful taking the easy path instead of the more complex and difficult one? A lot can be traced to the way people’s minds are working and whether they are in a positive or negative frame of mind and this can be the deciding factor.

    The Negative Mind

    When we are in a negative state of mind, our ruling mental state will place barriers in our way whatever we try to do because that is the nature of negativity. We derail our own chances of success because deep down and unconsciously, we want to fail. Now when we hear that, our immediate response is along the lines of how silly it is to want to do something like lose weight, yet at the same time not want to do it! But that is exactly what happens.

    We start off with all good intentions and it may be that we have been advised to lose weight by our doctor or had pressure placed upon us by friends or family members or we have been made to feel socially outcast by reading so many glassy magazines or watching TV shows where all the people look slim, fit and adorable. This makes us believe that they attract lots of friends and find it easy to meet a sexual partner because of the way they look. So we feel pressured into having to lose weight to be like the slim images and celebrity characters we look up to and aspire to be like. And because we don’t look like them, it makes us feel depressed and that puts us in a negative frame of mind.

    It is that very pressure of needing to lose weight, while feeling negative about it that creates an equal and opposite reaction in our subconscious. We need to lose weight but our subconscious wants things to stay as they are, because there is no primal motivation to lose the weight, only an enforced need.

    Turn things around and look at the problem from a positive perspective and things are completely different.

    The Positive Mind

    When our ruling mental state is positive and upbeat, we look at the task of losing weight not as something we need to do, but rather something we want to do. There is a huge difference between the two states of mind. When we want to do a thing, we create an eagerness, a yearning and a desire to fulfill that want. This creates a subconscious state that is in harmony with the thing we want, because we want it with every aspect of our being and therefore pushes us towards the achievement of that want. No barriers are placed in our way by ourselves so the path to weight loss success is clear and much easier to follow.

    This makes everything we do to achieve the goal we set for ourselves easy and we naturally choose the simplest ways of getting from where we are to where we want to be. This is pure weight loss genius because simplicity is the most fundamental means of achieving anything, while its opposite, complexity, is the hardest. It makes perfect sense then to choose the easiest way of doing anything in order to achieve a result.

    So from this you can see that the most effective way of losing that excess weight is in getting your mind into the right state before you even begin to choose a diet plan or exercise strategy, because you have to be in a positive state to get motivated to do those things. Because if you’re not motivated to do them, you will soon quit, whereas when you are motivated to change to a healthy diet and do some daily exercise, then you are far more likely to not only get started, but to stick with it until you have achieved you weight loss goal to your satisfaction.