Green Stool In Adults
  • Green Stool In Adults

    Understanding Green Stool in Adults

    It may not be a conversation that you feel comfortable bringing up around the water cooler at work but you should know that it is a lot more common than you think. In fact, since there are so many causes, many of which are quite simplistic in nature, nearly everyone experiences this problem at some point in their lives.

    If you’re like most other people, you probably don’t want to ask your neighbor or the person who works in the cubicle next to you if they have any information regarding green stool in adults. Fortunately, you can find everything that you need to know on the internet. Understand that while the condition may look scary; it’s rarely a cause for concern unless it is accompanied by other serious medical symptoms.

    Rapid Transit Through Digestive System

    Rapid transit is one of the most common causes of adults’ green poop. The faster that food, soda, juice, etc., get pushed through your system, the greener your poop will ultimately be. This is attributed to the greenish color of the bile that is responsible for helping with digestion.

    When food is digested normally, the liver makes bile to breakdown fats. As the feces and bile make the slow journey through your intestines, the enzymes change the color of the stool to brown. However, when rapid transit occurs, the enzymes don’t have time to change the color so you see your stool in green color due to the bile still be present. If you are concerned with this case, Bowtrol can help with healthy digestion.

    It should also be noted that since Bowtrol helps restore a healthy chemical balance in your body, it promotes weight loss as well; something few people will complain about as an added bonus!

    Supplemental Causes

    When the body is offered new supplements or those that aren’t needed, green stool in adults can be resulted. This is because once again, you are disrupting the balance in your system, this is something that Bowtrol can safely, naturally and easily address.

    Many people are surprised to learn that iron is the primary culprit behind it. Although this is something your body produces naturally, some people are deficient which can cause anemia, depression, lack of energy and mood swings. These individuals are often put on iron supplements which may address the shortage in the body but they also disrupt the balance that is already there.

    On the other hand, many people simply eat far too many foods that are rich in iron which is really hard for the bile to break down in time while it’s passing through your system. If you eat enriched cereal for breakfast, a bean burrito for lunch and then have a steak or burger for dinner, your body is getting far more iron than it needs. A diet rich in iron is one of the leading causes of green stool. It’s always a good idea to just keep a bottle of Bowtrol on hand for these times.