Beer Review of Hahn Premium Lager
  • Beer Review of Hahn Premium Lager

    A few weeks ago I was dragged, kicking and screaming, in to an Australian theme bar in Edinburgh, part of the Walkabout Inns chain. I hate theme bars. Let’s face it, all those Irish bars are about as authentically Irish as Scotty’s accent in Star Trek (I know it’s supposed to be Scottish, but it’s more Irish than any Irish bar I’ve ever frequented). And since nearly every other bar-person in Edinburgh seems to be a back-packer from Down Under, Australian themed bars are probably the last place you’ll meet an Aussie!
    Anyhoo, being that I was as dry as a pommy’s towel, I didn’t put up a great deal of resistance.

    Hahn Premium was launched in 1988 as the flagship brand for the Hahn Brewery and has received numerous awards, including: Gold Medals in International and Australasian lager classes in the Australian International Beer Awards (2002), and Grand Champion Beer in Australian International Beer Awards (1999), and many more.
    Hahn are part of the Lion-Nathan group who are responsible for xxxx and Toohey’s, among others.

    HAHN pours a brilliantly clear, pale golden colour topped by a massive, white foamy head that shrinks a little, but never disappears, coating the glass with lots of lace all the way to the end. A nice looking pint.
    The aroma is on the malty side, with some grassy hops, but there’s a quite strong, and not altogether pleasant, fruity smell – something akin to apples and pears that are well past their sell-by date.

    Light-bodied, it has quite a crisp and clean mouthfeel. The taste doesn’t live up to the appearance I’m afraid. Initially, when it was served ice-cold, it wasn’t too bad. Crisp malt, a little grassy, herbal flavour from the hops, and a faint fruity quality. Not exactly a world-beater, but acceptable. However, as it warmed a little, the flavour turned a little nasty. Boiled cabbage is about the closest comparison I can find. How did it finish? Not bloody quick enough…Yuk! I didn’t even drink the whole pint.

    The Verdict

    At 5% ABV, to say I was less than impressed would be putting it mildly. I know most Aussie beers are meant to be drunk on the frosty side, but surely a beer can stand up to being consumed at room-temperature without transforming into something you’d wash the dishes in?
    In it’s favour, it was a deliciously attractive glass of beer and whilst cold, wasn’t all that bad…not great, but acceptable. The trouble is, if it turns so quickly in a pub in chilly Scotland, what the heck would it be like in a warm country? You’d need to sit inside the fridge with the beer in order to conserve some sort of drinkability.
    it’s not often I don’t finish a beer, and I think the fact that I left a good couple of inches in the bottom of the glass says it all.

    2.50 for a pint in central Edinburgh would usually signify reasonable value for money – in this case I felt I’d been paid a visit by Ned Kelly.

    Would I drink it again? – Buckleys mate, Buckley’s.