Heading off Egg Nog Danger during the Holidays
  • Heading off Egg Nog Danger during the Holidays

    As the country makes its way merrily through the month of December, they are kept entertained by a plethora of holiday movies. Movies like Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation feature one constant of this time of year, holiday egg nog. Egg nog has become a staple of most holiday parties, with most families choosing to buy the store made version. However, there are some brave Christmas souls that will attempt to make the Xmas classic on their own.

    For those that try to attempt this feat, they must be extremely careful. There are those that would wonder why this is, but the answer lies in legitimate health concerns brought on by ingredients in this tasty concoction. One of the main ingredients, as one might imagine, is eggs. Well, if eggs are not in the right condition, they are ripe for being carriers for salmonella.

    That is right the Christmas cheer that is being spread at the holiday party could include a gift that nobody wants. In the case of this possible egg nog nightmare, the problems can start if the eggs are raw or undercooked. With that in mind, the adept party thrower will want to go the extra mile and prepare a safe batch of egg nog to serve their guests.

    There are several routes that the party host can go to ensure safe and tasty egg nog. Start this holiday favorite by using only eggs that have been pasteurized. It should also be noted here that one can also look for egg products in the egg base as well, which will give the same effect. Eggs that have been pasteurized give the maker the confidence of knowing that harmful bacteria in the eggs were killed in the process.

    If the eggs that the creator of the egg nog is using are not pasteurized, it is not necessary to chuck them all out. No, the nog chef simply needs to heat the egg base to 160 F in order to rid the eggs of any possible bacteria. Those are the two foolproof ways of ensuring safe egg nog, but there will be folks that will say there is another.

    Those people will say to add whatever booze that is normally used to the egg nog, thus killing anything living in there. There is no guarantee that this will work to keep the egg nog disease free. Alcohol, whether it is rum or something else, might kill some things that could be resident in the egg nog, but not all. It is a much safer bet to use the other two methods above, ensuring that party guests will go home happy, and not spend the New Year in bed or the bathroom.