How to Make the Perfect Cup of Hot Cocoa
  • How to Make the Perfect Cup of Hot Cocoa

    The freezing weather outside makes it crucial for everyone to at least warm up on the inside. Hot cocoa is probably one of the most preferred beverages during the cold season, even among coffee or tea drinkers. The main reason would probably have to be all the different flavours that can be added to make it tastier and tastier, and even though it might not seem like it, hot cocoa or chocolate even has health benefits, containing more antioxidants than wine and green tea. To actually know how to prepare a perfect cup of hot cocoa, there are a few tips and facts that everyone should know.

    To powder or not to powder. Although the beverage is called hot “cocoa”, you can prepare it with both cocoa powder and regular chocolate bars or, an even better choice, Nutella. Cocoa powder does have nice flavour and taste, but it might leave some powdery residue, which can slightly spoil a perfect drink. A plus for using actual chocolate is that it is easier to melt and blend with the milk, and you can also choose different flavours, such as dark, classic or any others that you like. Nutella is by far the easiest to blend in the mixture, and if you like it regularly, you will love it in hot-chocolate form.

    Milk all the way. Water is some people’s choice for preparing this drink, but hot milk is a definite must if you want to achieve a perfect hot cocoa. It adds more consistency to the drink and makes the perfect “base” for this recipe.

    Mixing them together. Pour the milk into a pot and start adding the chocolate bars, divided into small pieces, or a few spoons of Nutella. For a normal cup of hot cocoa you should use about a quarter to half a bar of chocolate (depending on how concentrated you want it to be), or if you’re using Nutella instead, about two spoons should suffice. Warm everything up slowly, and whisk constantly to make sure the ingredients blend nicely.  

    The finishing touch. This step needs your creativity and depends on your preferences. A few ideas of what you could add for extra flavour are: whipped cream, marshmallows, vanilla scents, cinnamon, caramel and so on.

    The perfect cup of hot cocoa actually depends on the person who drinks it, which is why the last touches can be crucial to make it or break it. Mixing caramel and marshmallows might do it for one person, when vanilla and whipped cream might for another. The simplest way to find out the perfect one for you is through trial and error, but once you have found it, it will warm up your entire winter season, making you feel cosy and happy.