Making the Perfect Cup of Cocoa
  • Making the Perfect Cup of Cocoa

    A wonderful way to end the day on a cold winter night, is with a cup of cocoa.  There are so many different ways to make a perfect cup of cocoa. It can is so comfortable to sit down in front of the fire, or the television to sip a hot cup of cocoa.

    One way to make a perfect cup of cocoa is to begin with whole milk. Whole milk is rich and creamy and will make the cocoa very delicious. Warm the milk up in a pan on the stove. Be sure to warm the milk up slowly, stir it often, and do not leave it unattended. This will prevent the milk from scalding or getting a film on top of it.   Once the milk is hot, remove it from the stove and add the cocoa mix. There are several different brands of cocoa mix that make a delicious cup of cocoa.  Add the mix to the milk and taste it until you are satisfied with the flavor. Not everyone likes the same amount of cocoa so it is important to taste test the cocoa. After adding the cocoa return the milk to the stove and make sure it gets hot again. This will not take long so make sure to watch it closely.

     To make the cocoa extra rich, add some dark chocolate chips to the milk and stir them until melted. Another fun twist is to add a little peppermint or some Irish cream mint chocolate chips to the cocoa and allow them to melt. There are many different coffee creamers on the market, adding one of them to the cocoa can make it taste superbly good. Placing a cinnamon stick in the milk while it is cooking adds a different twist to the flavor too. The cinnamon stick can be an addition to all of the other flavors, or it can be the only flavor added. Make sure to remove the stick once the flavor has seeped into the cocoa.

    Here is the trick to making the cocoa perfect, the toppings. Cocoa can be topped with several things. The most traditional is marshmallows. Make sure the cocoa is extremely hot before adding the marshmallows. They are best if they are melted. You can get the same flavor by adding marshmallow topping to the cocoa. It will melt faster than the whole marshmallows and start out creamier.

    Whip cream is another way to make a cup of cocoa perfect. Simply spray it on top of the cocoa. It looks pretty and is tasty too.  Be sure to use real cream whip.  The artificial whips tend to be greasy and just do not have the flavor that real cream has to make the cup of cocoa perfect.

    After the perfect cup of cocoa is made, get a spoon, sit back, and enjoy the cup of pleasure.