Mexican Style Hot Chocolate not an Average Beverage
  • Mexican Style Hot Chocolate not an Average Beverage

    Hot chocolate is a favorite winter beverage, and especially popular during the holiday season, for people all over the world. There’s no doubt that when cold weather hits, most people probably think of wearing warm clothes, cuddling by the fire, and sipping on a big mug of hot chocolate. It has the ability to warm bodies and minds like few other drinks can. It’s no wonder why chocolate is known to the scientific community as “Theobroma”, which literally translates as “food of the gods.”

    Mexican-style Hot Chocolate vs. Powdered-mix

    The typical hot chocolate is sweet and made from an instant powdered mix. Mexican-style hot chocolate with its inclusion of spice and vanilla is a diverse, yet wonderfully delicious alternative to the often overly sugared hot chocolate mixes sold in stores. In order to best demonstrate how un-average Mexican-style hot chocolate really is, it must be compared to its instant mix cousin.

    According to the entry for hot chocolate the instant powder version is most popular in the USA. Consisting of powdered cocoa, dry milk, and sugar, the powdered version is usually mixed into hot water and consumed immediately. This type of hot chocolate is often much thinner than Mexican-style hot chocolates, and doesn’t generally include any additional flavors.

    Mexican-style hot chocolate on the other hand includes semi-sweet chocolate, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla, which caters to those with a higher expectation of taste. It’s important to note that the chocolate used in Mexican-style hot chocolate is usually comes in the form of shaved chocolate, or tablets that can be dissolved in hot water, milk, or cream.

    Because Mexican-style uses whole chocolate, instead of powdered cocoa, it has a much fuller flavor than its instant powder mix cousin. Combined that with spices and ingredients like cardamom, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and chili powder, Mexican-style hot chocolate provides a little extra kick the powdered mixes can’t.

    Health Benefits of Mexican-style Hot Chocolate

    Red wine has been suggested by doctors for years now as a means of consuming cancer-preventing antioxidants. Based on a 2003 study by Cornell University, researchers discovered that cocoa (the main ingredient in hot chocolate) contains higher amounts of these cancer-preventing antioxidants than red wine.

    Although it takes a little more time to prepare, it does offer a rich, more diverse flavor and experience than other styles do. Mexican-style hot chocolate is great for dates, a weekend get together with friends, winter weddings, and self-catered beverage bars as most catering services would be able to provide it. Finally, Mexican-style hot chocolate is a great alternative to the typical high-in-sugar powdered versions sold in most stores.