Sambuca Lemonade Apple Sours Martinis Variations Sweet Drinks Hot Summer Nights
  • Sambuca Lemonade Apple Sours Martinis Variations Sweet Drinks Hot Summer Nights

    Sapplebuca or Sapplebuka as you’ll find on Facebook is a wonderful drink that is fruitful, but does pack quite a punch.

    Made with vodka and Sambuca it is definitly a summer drink whether you are having a pool party or going to the beach, this is the perfect drink for such an occassion. The best time to problably drink Sambuca is early in the afternoon because it does contain some caffein in it, but is usually served with coffee beans on the inside to give it even a bigger flavor.

    With  Vodka, Sacuma, Lemons, Applesours, and Lemonade it is the perfect drink to serve along with some steak or hamburgers made perfect.

    Apple sours

    Make up mixture of 1 part sambuca 2 parts apple sours, 3 parts lemonade and a dash of vodka. Shake over ice. Pour into martini glasses add a slice of lemon, put an umbrella on the side to empress you friends! Have fun and safe drinking!

    The lemonade will create a nice little settle to the apple sours mixture and make sure not to over due the vodka! Unless you love vodka, but it can create a disturbance to the mixture. Crushed ice would probably be even better to add to the mixture making it a true martini depending on your tastes, I am personally a huge fan of crushed ice in martinis because it tastes like you are drinking smoothy. It creates such a wonderful atmosphere when you are in the hot sun and you need something to cool you down.

    All in all, it’s an excellent drink, have fun and enjoy mixing and adding to this wonderful mixture! Sometimes I like to add a dash of sugar to help inhance the sweetness or make my lemonade a little sweeter, but it’s all up to you and your tastes!